CAB-CAR-T: The Prioritization of Cell Surface Protein Targets for Conditionally Active Biologics to Treat All Solid Tumors

Hiba Shaban, Laurence Jadin, James Onuffer, Farzad Haeridazeh, Alissa Kerner, Gregory Schreiber, Gregory Frost and Scooter Willis

AACR 2019 Abstract #5101

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Key Messages:


  • With the advent of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell therapy to treat cancer, a new category of targetable biomarkers has emerged that are associated with the surface of malignant cells and serve as targets for cytotoxic T cells
  • By modeling target mRNA expression from large scale genomic datasets, selection of targets with desirable properties can be used to maximize patient coverage
  • We showed that with 5-7 CAB-CAR-T products it is possible to treat 90% of patients with solid tumor malignancies