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CAR-T Technology

Courtesy of Ronald Korn, M.D. Ph.D., Imaging Endpoints Core Lab

Logic gate-controlled CAR-T technology

Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy has delivered remarkable on-target responses to certain hematological malignancies. However, in solid tumors, on-target, off-tumor toxicity has limited the number of antigens available for potent targeting by CAR-T technology. Our logic gate technology takes advantage of the unique microenvironment associated with different diseases and tissues, such as solid tumors, which can result from differences in metabolism between diseased and normal tissue. Our logic gated CAR-Ts require both the target antigen AND the tumor microenvironment (TME) to become fully activated and will therefore only work in tumor—not normal—tissue, thereby reducing potential on-target, off-tumor toxicity.

Economically viable, same-day CAR-T therapies

One of the major challenges facing CAR-T therapies is the fiscal burden to payors and providers. At EXUMA Biotech, developing solutions that are not only safe and efficacious, but also accessible, is a part of our core values. We are applying science and innovation to improve access for these therapies through truly point-of-care treatments. Our next-generation rapid point-of-care or “rPOC” platform is being developed for subcutaneous CAR-T administration in a matter of hours following blood draw, making same-day CAR-T a reality for all patients. This revolutionary platform could dramatically change the CAR-T landscape, reducing both the cost and complexity of patient care. rPOC will leverage the existing oncology infusion clinic infrastructure and can be administered “chairside” without lymphodepleting chemotherapy or long-term immunosuppression.