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Strategic Relationships

Mutually symbiotic alliances can often lead to great medicines

Advancing the frontier of any new field is rarely an individual pursuit, but this is especially true in biotechnology. To that end EXUMA Biotechnology is collaborating—and seeking out new partnerships—with those who share our mission of providing breakthrough, yet accessible, global cancer solutions.

EXUMA Biotech provides an experienced blend of innovative discovery and translational medicine within a framework of quality standards and regulatory science. Our comprehensive, data-driven approach to candidate design and selection provides an optimized and efficient process to select the best CAR composition for a given indication amongst hundreds of thousands of rationally designed combinations, while applying equal innovation to technologies that enable scalability and global patient access to our solutions.

Our Partners

  • PerHum Therapeutics

    Shanghai PerHum Therapeutics Co., Ltd, a company incorporated in Shanghai in 2016, focuses on developing innovative cancer treatments in the field of adoptive cellular therapies. PerHum is partnered with Shanghai EXUMA Biotechnology, Ltd. The core business of the company is the clinical development of EXUMA’s TMR CAR-T technology in Greater China. By investing in and building the GMP facility for virus packaging and cell processing needed for TMR CAR-T cell therapy, PerHum Therapeutics supports the clinical trials in solid tumors, collaborating with some of the leading hospitals in China.

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