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Big Data Analytics

Courtesy of Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc., Menlo Park, CA, USA

​An unbiased, data-driven approach to CAR development

We leverage big data analytics and our global infrastructure to develop CAR-T therapies that are rooted in science and unbiased by previous work. We search for the best CAR constructs for a given indication, guided by analytics, as opposed to building off entrenched assumptions or licensing from academia. This allows us the freedom to innovate and the opportunity to take intellectual risks.

​Monitoring Darwinian evolution through molecular genetics to find the best CARs

Our infrastructure, data transfer platform, and analytics capabilities allow us to cast a wider net to find the best CAR candidates; instead of choosing from five or ten constructs, we use multiple forms of directed molecular evolution to deliver the optimal logic-gated CAR compositions from thousands of options.