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Big Data Analytics

Courtesy of Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc., Menlo Park, CA, USA

​An unbiased, data-driven approach to CAR development

We leverage big data analytics and our global infrastructure to discover and develop CAR-T therapies that are rooted in science and benchmarked against best-in-class molecules. We screen our innovative, in-house libraries for the best CAR constructs for a given indication, guided by automated analysis of big datasets. This provides us the candidate diversity to take data-driven risks permitting multiple “shots on goal”.

​Monitoring Darwinian evolution through molecular genetics to find the best CARs

Our infrastructure, data transfer platform, and analytics capabilities allow us to cast a wider net to find the best CAR attributes. Our approach has three key advantages:

  1. Providing sufficient library diversity in the final product configuration
  2. Using biologically relevant cell types, e.g. primary human cells, instead of immortalized cell line models
  3. Applying physiologically relevant screens instead of artificial environments

When applied through our big data analytics platform, this allows us to find rare events with significantly improved attributes.

Our Data Never Sleeps

Our global presence allows for round-the-clock building, testing, and analysis; DNA constructs are developed in George Town, assembled in Shanghai, and analyzed in West Palm Beach for further refinement and optimization.