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Bringing CAR-T Solutions to Solid Tumors

We develop new tools for the patient’s immune system to fight various solid tumor malignancies, such as renal cell carcinoma, soft tissue sarcoma, gastric cancer, and others. In partnership with our affiliates, clinicians, and patients, we aim to achieve clinically relevant reductions in mortality from cancer worldwide through innovative adoptive cellular therapies.


EXUMA Biotechnology’s US Affiliate F1 Oncology to Present Data that Expands On Proof of Novel Point of Care Approach for CAR-T Therapies in Solid Tumor Malignancies

Data Presented at 2019 AACR Annual Meeting Supports Novel Conditionally Active Biologics CAR-T Technology


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F1 Oncology’s International Affiliate, EXUMA Biotechnology, Announces Acquisition of Strategic CAR-T Assets

Mandarin release

News Updates

EXUMA Biotech
BritCay House
236 Eastern Ave
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

EXUMA Biotech is an affiliate of
F1 Oncology

EXUMA Biotechnology was formed to maximize the development and commercialization of enabling products and technology from F1 Oncology in the greater China markets. F1 Oncology is rewiring the molecular circuitry of the immune system to target some of the most challenging solid tumor malignancies.

EXUMA Biotechnology expanded its footprint in Asia with additional capabilities in Shanghai and Shenzhen in October, 2018.