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Tumor Metabolism Regulated (TMR) CARs

In solid tumors, on-target, off-tumor toxicity to antigens expressed in healthy, normal tissue has limited the number of antigens available for effective targeting by cell therapies. However restricting CAR target engagement to the tumor could limit damage to healthy tissue and broaden the therapeutic window for maximum anti-tumor efficacy.

Our TMR CAR technology for solid tumors can potentially help avoid such toxicity, by using the tumor microenvironment to activate the CARs, turning them into the “ON” state.

Chemotherapy-free, safer cell therapies

rPOC subcutaneous CAR-TaNKs

One of the major challenges facing current CAR-T therapies is the complexity to deliver the therapy and the cost of treating side effects. At EXUMA Biotech, developing solutions that are not only safe and effective, but also accessible, is a part of our core values. We are applying science and innovation towards improving access and safety to potentially allow for cell therapy administration in broader settings of cancer care in the future.

Our subcutaneous rPOC technology platform is being developed for autologous cell therapy manufacturing without the need for lymphodepleting chemotherapy of the patient. This platform could dramatically change the cell therapy landscape; eventually, rPOC SC could potentially reach the community oncology infusion clinic infrastructure. This platform leverages a unique cell type, T- and NK-like cells, which we refer to as CAR “TaNKs”. Read more about these cells on the Delivery Systems page.

Our goal is to make treatment easier for cancer patients who need these potentially life-saving cell therapies, while reducing the fiscal burden across the healthcare system.


Testing systems that provide unbiased answers

While some companies may select top leads from a pool of five to ten candidates, our proprietary analytics platforms help scientists find the best leads from hundreds of thousands of CARs and components.