A High-Throughput Screening Strategy for the Identification of Novel Lymphoproliferative Elements

Laurence Jadin, Hiba Shaban, Anirban Kundu, Benjamin Lopez, Jianfang Hu, Tiffany Lam, Jaslem Valdez, Tim Mayall, Gregory Schreiber, Scooter Willis, Farzad Haerizadeh, James Onuffer, Gregory Frost

AACR Abstract #3523

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Key Messages:


  • The current work describes a high-throughput method for screening lymphoproliferative elements in vivo in a lentivirus format for next generation CAR-T therapies
  • By quantification of selectively enriched human PBMCs we can identify combinatorial elements that promote CAR-T cell expansion and survival in an in vivo mouse model 
  • Our platform is robust, and also able to identify previously published lymphoproliferative elements (such as MyD88) as well as new, potent combinations of elements that are both dependent or independent of concomitant CAR signaling 
  • This semi-rational screening strategy allows us to continue to identify novel and potentially stronger synthetic lymphoproliferative peptides in combinations that can be used in future CAR-T strategies