Expanding Access to CAR-T: Dr. Greg Frost

Dr. Greg Frost talks with Julian Upton from PharmExec about his work making CAR-T cell therapy readily accessible and affordable.

“When I started Halozyme in San Diego back in 1999, it spun out of Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. I used to joke when I left in 2014 that it was the longest postdoc on record. We looked at the technology we were building and saw the pieces that could come together to help some of the most challenging issues in adoptive cellular therapy as it relates to solid tumors, which are safety and efficacy. At the same time, we were thinking about how we could make an IV to subcutaneous conversion approach of autologous CAR-T as we did with antibody therapies. These incremental changes that can make it easier for patient access and safety is something that was very appealing to me. My fascination in oncology is something that centers on trying to apply novel science to improve the care of patients, both from the standpoint of not only efficacy, but also patient access.”

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