A Novel Conditionally Active Biologics Approach to Minimize On-target Off-tumor Effects in Adoptive Immunotherapy

Jianfang Hu, Benjamin Lopez, Tiffany Lam, Anirban Kundu, Timothy Mayall, Gregory Schreiber, Farzad Haerizadeh, James Onuffer, Gregory Frost

AACR 2019 Abstract #3189

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Key Messages:


  • We describe a novel approach to minimize on-Target off-tumor effects in CAR-T cell therapy in solid tumor
  • We developed CAB-CARs by exploiting the unique property of TME that is an acidic extracellular pH environment
  • Our CAB-CAR-T cells display “AND logic gate” properties, requiring both antigen presence and TME conditions for optimized activity
  • Our CAB-CAR technology provides an opportunity to develop safer CAR-T therapeutics for solid tumor
  • By leveraging this technology, we can develop CARs against a wider range of antigens that were previously un-targetable, such as ones present in normal tissues